Just weeks after her husband declared his intention to seek the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, Melania Trump appears to already be easing back into her former role.

In what the Western Journal described as “first lady-like responsibilities,” Melania took part in a huge holiday event for foster children in Florida on Sunday.

Fox News reported:

Former first lady Melania Trump and former President Trump shared Christmas cheer with foster care families in Palm Beach, Florida, Sunday, inviting them to join in on some of the Trump family’s favorite holiday traditions.

As a part of the first lady’s “Be Best” and “Fostering the Future” initiatives, which raise public awareness for children’s well-being and youth communities, the Trumps welcomed nearly 100 foster kids to the Trump International Golf Club to decorate gingerbread cookies, hand paint ornaments, get their faces painted, meet Santa and Mrs. Claus and listen to a storytime reading with author of the popular children’s Christmas book series “Oliver the Ornament,” Todd Zimmerman.

“I’m happy to share in the festivities with the foster care community at this very special time of year,” Melania told Fox News. “My dream is that when Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus talk to a child at our event, those wonderful words, together with the activities and fun of the day, create beautiful lifelong memories.”

According to the outlet, children of ages ranging from toddlers to tweeners took part in the festivities that included bounce houses and other activities, such as meeting Santa Claus to relay their Christmas wishes. The children were accompanied by their parents as well as local officials from Place of Hope, 4 Kids, YMCA and the American Association of Caregiving Youth.

“Since leaving the White House and returning to the private sector, my resolve to promote the well-being of children and strengthen the foster care community has not wavered,” Trump said. “I’m pleased that two young adults received full college scholarships and started school this semester because of ‘Fostering the Future,’ and I look forward to all they accomplish.”

“The Trump family has always supported those most vulnerable in our community,” Boca West Children’s Foundation Executive Director Pamela Weinroth also told Fox News. “Today’s Christmas brunch offers the children very special memories that will carry them through the holidays and hope for a brighter tomorrow.”

“It’s so rewarding hearing, seeing the children gather around and hearing the message, and then having a conversation with them afterwards. We always ask, ‘What did you hear in the story that was kind?’ And, ‘Which is your favorite ornament?'” Zimmerman added. “And they are so engaged in the story. It’s wonderful to see their eyes light up.”

“It’s the message of kindness. If we could all just find a little bit more kindness in everyone and find what we agree upon instead of what we disagree upon, I think we would be in a much, much better place,” Zimmerman added.

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