The United States National Archives has released thousands of unedited government files on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Technically speaking, it appears as though 13,173 files have now been published and available online. The White House says that more than 97% of the documents on record are now visible, but of course, people want to know where the other 2-3% of the documents are. More on that, later.

WATCH Tucker Carlson discuss the files:

These documents will allow people to study the incident with JFK to learn even more about what happened on that day in Dallas, November 22, 1963, when Kennedy was shot to death by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Why are the documents being released? According to a report by the BBC, there was a law put in place back in 1992 that says the government is required to release documents on the assassination by October of 2017 – but it seems like not much progress was ever made on that, and it’s unclear why. Just this week, President Joe Biden put an executive order through that authorized the release of thousands of documents on the matter.

What about the other files that remain locked down? There are about 515 more files that are still being held secret until June of 2023, reported the BBC:

But he said some files would be kept under wraps until June 2023 to protect against possible “identifiable harm”.

The US National Archives said that 515 documents would remain withheld in full, and another 2,545 documents would be partly withheld.

A 1964 US inquiry, the Warren Commission, found that Kennedy was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, a US citizen who had previously lived in the Soviet Union, and that he acted alone. He was killed in the basement of the Dallas police headquarters two days after his arrest.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is reacting to a source who claimed that the CIA was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. The Fox News description for this video stated: “Fox News host Tucker Carlson voices his concerns about key files being withheld from the American people about President John F. Kennedy’s assassination on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

USA Today reported on the release as well, stating the following:

Jean-Pierre said 97% of the Kennedy collection is available to the public following the release of 12,879 documents Thursday by the National Archives and 1,491 documents a year ago today.

An additional 515 documents have been withheld by the archives in full and 2,545 documents partially withheld.

Biden has ordered the acting archivist, Debra Steidel Wall, to conduct a six-month review “of a subset of the remaining redacted records” to ensure they are also disclosed “to the greatest extent possible,” Jean-Pierre said.

What will these documents prove? It’s not quite clear, but perhaps it will give people something to review and learn about.

Photo: public domain

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