Jesse Watters: Biden chose diversity over competence and you’re paying the price

Jesse Watters was doing his thing and calling out all of President Joe Biden’s administration for choosing to be diverse over being the most talented and qualified. If you haven’t noticed by now, then take a look at Joe Biden’s administration and you’ll see diversity all over the place. There’s nothing wrong with diversity, but no one should ever hire people simply because they meet the criteria of a diversity checkbox on an application. To make matters even worse, this is the President of the United States choosing diversity over talent and look where it’s gotten us so far.

Even White House press secretary KJP was bragging about how this is one of the most diverse administrations in history. Sure, but it’s also the most embarrassing and repulsive. You’ve got Mayor Pete having no idea what he’s doing as transportation secretary, then you’ve got Rachel Levine who is just a complete embarrassment to all of mankind, then the luggage thief who belongs in jail – Sammy ‘five fingers’ Brinton – another disgrace of the White House. Don’t even get us started on Kamala Harris, who’s always unprepared and her staffers are dropping like flies.  It’s like they just picked all the worst people they could find so they could be diverse, but didn’t pick any diverse people who are TALENTED AND QUALIFIED to do the job they were given. We are two years into Joe Biden’s woke circus administration and what do we have to show for it?

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