Insane: Kayleigh McEnany tears Joe Biden to piece on ‘Hannity’

Former White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, went on Sean Hannity’s show and picked apart President Joe Biden and his European war zone trip. She said it’s absolutely insane that he didn’t visit Ohio before going all the way across seas to visit Ukraine and Poland. Many Americans feel the same way, that Joe Biden should have visited East Palestine before he embarked on a trip across seas.

However, Mayor Pete will make a trip to East Palestine where a train derailed all the way back on February 3, causing a major disaster with hazardous materials. Mayor Pete Buttigieg is Joe Biden’s transportation secretary and is just now getting over there to Ohio. It has taken him THIS LONG to get there and it’s not that far from where he lives. Just a plane ride away, but Buttigieg is doing a very bad job for the Biden administration and people have been calling on him to resign for ages. In fact, I’ve wanted him to resign since the day he started.

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