I’m not suicidal, I love my life: James O’Keefe says before meeting Senators to discuss Fauci and Defense Dept documents

The most notable figure from Project Veritas, James O’Keefe says he’s not suicidal and loves his life before he heads into a meeting with senators to talk about Dr. Fauci and some Defense Department documents he supposedly has. It’s not very clear who he’s meeting with or what’s in those documents, but people are starting to speculate and wonder what’s in the documents that would make him say this before the meeting.

After looking for more information on search engines, it seems like there’s not much info about the meeting such as who, when, what, etc. It’s just a video of James O’Keefe and nothing else seems to be readily available at the time this video was posted. If you have any information or links about this meeting between James O’Keefe and senators, then please drop it in the comment section for everyone to see. Thanks!

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