If this Mr. Rogers video came out today, then they’d try to cancel him

Just when you forgot about the greatness of Mr. Rogers, this video resurfaced on the Internet and people are talking about it big time. They’re wondering if this video came out today, would people try to cancel him even though the information checks out? Would people really try to cancel the nicest man in the world who made a wonderful show that kids and parents loved?

You bet! Today’s society is filled with crazy people who will cancel anything they don’t agree with. If you don’t like it, then just don’t watch it or keep moving. As long as the content isn’t hurting anyone then no one is at risk. This video of Mr. Rogers explaining the very basics was never frowned on then and it shouldn’t be now.

If so, then Mr. Rogers would ask you to show him on the doll where the video hurt you.

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