I didn’t burn the flag, I’m proud to be an American: Rep. Barnaby rails against leftist culture

Florida Rep. Barnaby torched leftist culture and victim-hood. He said: “I’m a proud American. This does not affect people of color… We all have a color. I have a color, you have a color. Stop this nonsense about Black American and Hispanic American – we’re all Americans… When you live here, when you take the pledge that I did March the 5th, 1998, I became an American, period. I’m tired of this victim-hood nonsense that people come and parade before us, and they pull out the violin and everybody’s got to be so sympathetic because of your tears. I did it the right way – I waited, and I didn’t gripe, I didn’t burn the flag… I love America. God bless the United States of America. I’m proud to be an American.”

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