Hannity shares ‘radical record’ of Hakeem Jeffries, the Pelosi replacement

Sean Hannity runs through a segment introducing viewers to Democrat Hakeem Jeffries, the replacement for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. It’s Sean Hannity’s job to make the Democrats look bad, but if the guy didn’t have anything radical under his belt, then Hannity wouldn’t have anything to point out. Byberry News reported on Nancy Pelosi’s replacement, saying: “The House Democrats have made up their minds and elected some new figures to fill leadership roles when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer, step down from their roles. Nancy Pelosi’s replacement will be Democrat Rep. Hakeem Jeffries. Pelosi is 82-years-old and well past the time of retirement and Hakeem Jeffries is only 52. Jeffries will be working with deputy Rep. Katherine Clark, a 59-year-old progressive who’s worked with Jeffries before. Her role then was serving as the vice chair of the Democratic Caucus and the assistant speaker during this time in Congress. She was also previously serving as minority whip, reported CNBC.”

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