Guy uses gas generator to drive Electric Vehicle 1,600 miles

This guy got really creative when it comes to this Tesla that he modified to use a gas generator to help him drive 1,800 miles without charging. He called it the Cordless Tesla and documented his experience in a video that was posted on YouTube. The description for this video said the following: “I built the first ever Cordless Tesla and did a 1600 Mile Road Trip without ever charging the car. It just made perfect sense to me to adapt a power plant generator to my modified Model S Tesla and do a road trip. This is the first version of the cordless Tesla which is burning gasoline to charge the car instead of the conventional plug-in charger. The car not only charges itself while it’s sitting and parked but also while driving the entire time. Just for reference with the mpg number this car is almost 1000 horsepower all wheel drive, I didn’t go into those details in the video because I didn’t want to make it confusing. This is not my typical video but I absolutely had to document my progress with my project here and share it with everybody. To clarify I did have to stop for about 5 to 6 hours a day while the car continued to charge itself back up since it’s using more energy driving then it’s making. All of those stops and lack of sleep is one of the reasons I was dead tired for almost the entire trip, some of those days I was so tired I could barely speak. I also made sure to make a few stops along the way that I thought were pretty cool to make the video more exciting. I’m curious to hear what everybody thinks in the comments below please don’t hesitate to leave your opinion I think you are going to like what I have coming in the near future with this car.”

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