Gutfeld and Maher team up against people who get offended by everything

Greg Gutfeld and Bill Maher teamed up to scourge the social media mob who sits around all day complaining about everything. One topic they covered is the people who get offended by everything and how there are certain movies they couldn’t make today thanks to the weak-minded people. How many movies have you watched years ago that could not be remade today because of activists, protesters, and people who get offended by everything? Blazing Saddles, one of the funniest movies of all time, would be threatened by cancel culture if Mel Brooks tried to make it today.

Daily Caller quoted the duo:

Maher then said that any movie made ten years ago or earlier likely contains something “offensive” to modern sensibilities, but was once funny. “When you hear it now, in 2023, you hunch up, not because of it in itself, but because you know the reaction it will cause,” Maher said. “You know you’re going to have to listen to people bitching about this, and posturing and pretending they’re so offended and it’s so terrible and that’s what’s going to be so gross.”

The video posted to YouTube by the Club Random Podcast with the description:

Bill Maher and Greg Gutfeld randomly riff on the terrifying thing about Chat GPT, why Bill doesn’t google people, the terrible quality phones bring out in people, losing audiences in comedy, Greg’s philosophy for staying married, why Rain Man couldn’t be made today, the mob trying to wreck peoples’ lives, the time Greg got mistaken for Harvey Levin, Greg’s career ascent, and Bill and Greg’s epiphany about certain kinds of “mature” movies.

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