Former Biden official Sam Brinton dodges reporter at day in court

In what could be one of President Joe Biden’s least good selections for a job, Sam Brinton, had a day in court and avoided a reporter asking a bunch of questions, some very awkward to say out loud. Brinton, who’s now a former Biden official, was facing charges over a suitcase he allegedly stole from an airport. The charges are felony theft of a movable property without consent He faces up to five years in jail, a $10k fine, or both.

The luggage that was allegedly stolen was worth $2,325 and belonged to a woman. Brinton allegedly took it from the baggage claim area in the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport back on Sept. 16. The court document said he removed the woman’s suitcase, took the tag off, and left with it. The records from his flight showed that Brinton did NOT check in a bag that day, so there was no reason he would have a bag when he leaves.

The woman who’s luggage it was confirmed the bag belonged to her and pointed out Brinton on security footage. Brinton used the bag several times during travel, got confronted by police and denied he stole it. He called the police back later and said he accidentally took it. However, when he took it, there was women’s clothes in it and he said he left that stuff, and other things, in a hotel room – but none of it was ever recovered.


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