Florida Man allegedly stole dog food from store, left his debit card behind and got arrested

A young man was arrested in Florida after allegedly leaving his debit card at the store he burglarized. According to a Facebook post from the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, Lantz Kurtz, 20, was detained after breaking into a gas station store and grabbing some merchandise. Kurtz left his debit card on the store’s counter.

The young man tried to explain to the officers that he wasn’t trying to rob the store but left his card so that he could come back later and pay for the goods. According to the 20-year-old, he wanted the store owner to see his debit card and know his name. The CCTV camera in the shop recorded Lantz’s actions. Police officers found him thanks to the video and the debit card. Lantz later confessed in a video that he used a knife to slash open the petrol station’s back door.

Officers reportedly identified Kurtz from a car close to the petrol station on the night of the burglary after viewing CCTV footage given to them by the shop owner. Sheriff Rick Staly noted in the story that Kurtz was so desperate for the things that he broke into a closed store, but leaving the card does not clear him of burglary or crime. The Sheriff congratulated Deputies Hartley and Fowler, as well as Sergeant Furthermore, for immediately locating and apprehending the subject. The merchandise was returned to the store, said The Blaze.

The suspect was brought into the Inmate Detention Facility but later freed on a $10,000 bond. Kurtz is accused of petty theft and armed burglary of a business.


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