The cops have finally caught a suspect known as a 36-year-old male with teeth filed down so badly they look like fangs and tattoos all over his face. He’s accused of doing unthinkable things to a woman he allegedly kidnapped and s-xually tortured for three weeks, threatening to “rip out her throat” if she didn’t follow his orders while she was in his possession during the time she was imprisoned by him.

Watch this horrible video:

His name is Michael Barajas and the Genesee County Sheriff, Chris Swanson, talked about the repulsive things this man allegedly did. Apparently Barajas filed his teeth so they looked like fangs, then would threaten to bite the woman on the neck and “rip out her throat” – but that’s not all.

Here’s where it gets worse. Swanson said the female victim, who’s in her younger 20’s, was kicked out of her house during the week of Thanksgiving. That’s when the vampire-toothed suspect spotted her walking around, then pulled up and said he had a place she could stay, shower, and eat. The victim made the ultimate mistake and got in, not knowing she would be s-xually abused, trafficked, and imprisoned for three weeks.


NY Post reported on the grisly details, saying:

Once the pair arrived to a dilapidated home, Barajas allegedly locked her inside a room and tied her to a bed. Genesee officials said they found rope at the scene. The victims’ room had an exterior deadbolt and all the windows in the hone were screwed shut.

Barajas repeatedly sexually assaulted the pregnant woman, and had other people come over to sexually assault and traffic her, police said.

“This guy used the opportunity to not only sexually assault but have people come over and traffic her as she was tied forcibly to the bed while they assaulted her,” Swanson said.

This is just another horrible incident that deserves an even worse punishment. That woman will need therapy, love, and care to get over this horrible incident and the man deserves a life in prison.

But will the justice system work in HER favor or his? And by the way, she was pregnant.

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