Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, has been making waves since taking over the company. In his latest move, Musk removed the blue verification badge from the New York Times’ Twitter account. This comes after the Times refused to pay for the verification, which is now a paid feature on Twitter.

Musk has been critical of the Times in the past, and his decision to remove the verification badge is likely seen as a way to further punish the publication. The Times, along with other news organizations, has been critical of Musk’s ownership of Twitter, and the removal of the verification badge is likely to further escalate tensions between the two sides.

It remains to be seen how the Times will respond to the removal of the verification badge. The publication could choose to continue to criticize Musk and Twitter, or it could try to find a way to work with the new CEO. Only time will tell how this situation will play out, according to The Hill.

Here is a possible response from the New York Times:

“We are disappointed that Twitter has removed our blue verification badge. We believe that our reporting is important and that our verification badge is a way of signaling that to our readers. We will continue to report on Twitter and hold the company accountable.”

Here is a possible response from Elon Musk:

“I believe that the blue verification badge should be reserved for those who are truly verified. The New York Times is a news organization, and as such, they should be held to a higher standard. I believe that their reporting is often biased and misleading, and that their verification badge should be removed.”

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