Electric bus catches fire, looks like something out of a movie

I dunno who needs to see this, but that electric bus that caught on fire looks like it came straight out of a movie! My goodness, that looks horrendous! The NTSB said they’re getting involved with the investigation on what sparked this electric bus fire. A report on CT Insider said: “Working with Connecticut State Police and state officials, NTSB is investigating a fire that consumed a CTtransit battery electric bus (July 23) in Hamden, Connecticut. The bus was in a maintenance facility at the time,” the NTSB tweeted Friday afternoon.”

The report added more information on what caused the fire, saying the following:

The fire, which destroyed one of CTtransit’s dozen electric buses, was the first of its kind for the state’s fleet. The rest of the electric fleet was pulled from service since then. “Lithium ion battery fires are difficult to extinguish due to the thermal chemical process that produces great heat and continually reignites,” Hamden fire officials said. Two transit workers exposed to the smoke from the fire were hospitalized as a precaution, and a firefighter was also taken to the hospital with heat exhaustion, officials said.

Thanks very much, but I’ll stick with gas-powered vehicles.

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