DoorDash driver freaks over 8 dollar tip, wouldn’t give customer their food

A DoorDash driver was having a freakout moment when she only received an $8 dollar tip. She suggested that she didn’t know the location was that far, so she deserves a bigger tip for delivering the food all the way where it was. She then left with the food. The person who ordered it has no idea who’s delivering the food or where they’re at, and they tipped EIGHT DOLLARS for a delivery, so that’s a big tip all things considered. In fact, it could buy at least 1.5 gallons of gas for the driver, so their gas was covered and they made money for working.

But no, she just had that entitled victim attitude about it and left with the person’s food. Listen up folks, if you can, go get the food yourselves or tell your local restaurants to hire delivery people on their own. These third party services don’t always work out and you’re paying a lot more for the food with the fees.

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