Detached from reality: Lori Lightfoot ripped to shreds for this video

Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot takes some backlash after this video of her dancing in the snow hit the Internet. Chicago has a major crime problem and many people want to know how she’s dealing with it when she’s not mushing it up on the snowy dance-floor to the beat of the drums. Lightfoot was ripped to shreds on social media and people did not hold back.

Just how bad is crime in Chicago? The Chicago Contrarian posted on Twitter: “Since @chicagosmayor’s term began, Chicago has suffered 2,278 homicides and over 9,000 shot.

Since January 1, the city has endured 41 homicides and 194 shot.

Yet here Lightfoot is blissfully dancing and asking voters to return her to office.

Lightfoot is detached from reality.”

What is Lightfoot doing to fix the crime problems? Well, we’re not really sure because Chicago still has a problem, so whatever she’s been doing is probably not enough. Same problem other big Democrat cities are dealing with and can’t figure out. At what point will people stop voting for Democrats?

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