Chuck Schumer mocked for stealing play out of Trump’s book for Biden

Democrat Chuck Schumer, a well-known liberal mouthpiece seems to steal a page out of former President Donald Trump’s playbook when he mentions the Biden Express, a play on the words Trump Train. It’s like the Democrats can’t think of their own little slogans to market themselves with, so they just steal something from Trump and turn it into something lame, like the Biden Express, which was quickly mocked online when the video hit social media.

Chuck Schumer might want to rethink his future plans with Joe Biden because it seems like some Democrats don’t want him messing up for another four years, but who would the Democrats replace Joe Biden with? That remains to be seen because out of all the prominent Democrats we know of, none of them seem like presidential material.

Nope, not one single Democrat seems to be fit for office at this point because they keep playing the Democrat handbook rules instead of being independent thinkers. And the Democrats who might have stood a chance are leaving the party.

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