CBS reporter pushed back on Gavin Newsom’s anti-2A comment

Kevin Tober reported on Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom making an anti-gun comment that received push-back from a reporter right to his face and he was forced to respond. Newsom said the Second Amendment was like a “suicide pact” but that’s when Norah O’Donnell of CBS News said something right back to him that may have caught him off guard. O’Donnell said: “But there’s many people in this country that support the second amendment and are lawful gun owners.”

Transcript provided by Newsbusters:

NEWSOM: It’s a disgrace. 

O’DONNELL: We found the governor here in Monterey Park not far from the dance studio where at least 11 were killed. 

NEWSOM: Nothing about this is surprising. Everything about this is infuriating. 

O’DONNELL: California has the strictest gun laws in the U.S. 

NEWSOM: I mean the Second Amendment’s becoming a suicide pact. 

O’DONNELL: But there are many in this country that support the Second Amendment and are lawful gun owners. 

NEWSOM: Yeah, I have great respect, I have no ideological opposition to people reasonably responsibly owning firearms and getting background checks and getting trained. 

O’DONNELL: Authorities say the shooter used a modified pistol with a high-capacity magazine. But how did he get a gun that’s illegal in the state of California? 

NEWSOM: Exactly we’ll figure it out. That’s gonna happen. We gotta enforce laws, this falled through the cracks but that doesn’t mean you give up. 

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