BREAKING: Train derails in Michigan, only one car has hazardous materials

Another train derailment has happened while President Joe Biden is running the White House and Mayor Pete is the United States secretary of transportation. It’s not quite clear what caused this derailment of at least six train cars, but it’s a complete disaster and one of the cars has hazardous materials in it. Hopefully that car is contained and everyone is safe. This is a breaking story and not much details are available yet.

WXYZ reported on the Michigan train derailment:

The Van Buren Township Fire Department confirms that a train derailed near Huron River Drive this morning.

Chopper video shows at least six cars off the track.

Officials say only one car in the train was carrying hazardous materials, which is reportedly showing no sign of leaking or damage.

The fire department says the derailment is causing traffic issues, but poses no danger to the public at this time.

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