Bill Gates said that Elon Musk has adopted a “seat-of-the-pants” style of decision-making at Twitter. During a recent interview with the Financial Times, Gates said that Twitter was making digital polarization worse. The co-founder of Microsoft said that it was unclear whether the challenge of tackling digital polarization was down to human judgment or engineering. No matter what Bill Gates says of Elon Musk, Elon already roasted the geek last year and it was too easy for him to do.


This is what Gates told the Financial Times: “I think, certainly, the Twitter situation is stirring things up. That, instead of an objective set of measures done by a broad group of people, you’re sort of seeing seat-of-the-pants type activity.”

He also added that social media platforms needed to pay attention to what caused misunderstandings about vaccine safety or what incited riots.

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To work for him at Twitter, recent reports suggested that Musk enlisted executives, engineers, and lawyers from some of his other businesses, as well as his cousins and fans, according to Insider.

So Gates’ comments came as thousands of employees, including senior bosses, have exited Twitter after rounds of firings, layoffs, and resignations, which left the company with depleted teams.

Since acquiring Twitter in late October, Musk has come under scrutiny for his management of the company. The world’s richest person is running four other companies, including SpaceX and Tesla, where apparently he does not have any management headaches like with the social media platform.

According to the Network Contagion Research Institute’s findings, in the 12 hours after Musk’s deal was finalized, the use of the N-word on Twitter jumped by nearly 500%.

Out of concern for content moderation on the site, some companies started to suspend their advertisements on Twitter, not long after realizing how the big changes could possibly impact their business.

Under Musk’s leadership, one of the biggest decisions Twitter made was reinstating the account of former President Donald Trump after poll users voted in favor of bringing him back to the platform.

Trump’s account was suspended by Twitter after he made tweets during the US Capitol riots in January 2021.

But a most recent shocking poll posted by Musk was about him stepping down as the head of Twitter, where he said that he will abide by the results of the poll. 57.5% of users voted for him to go.

On the other side, Gates, who is also America’s largest farmland owner, apparently chose a less stressful and not-so-public investment, as he bought a potato farm in North Dakota, but it seems that local residents are not too happy about it, further reported.

Doug Goehring, the state’s agricultural commissioner, recently told a local NBC affiliate: “I’ve gotten a big earful on this from clear across the state, it’s not even from that neighborhood.”

“Those people are upset, but there are others that are just livid about this,” added Goehring.

AgWeek’s Mikkel Pates said that “nobody involved in the deal seems eager to talk about it,” public records connected Gates and the buyer, Red River Trust.

But, not so long after, the North Dakota attorney general’s office sent a letter to the Red River Trust notifying a trustee, Peter Headley, of a Depression-era rule barring companies, LLCs, and trusts from farming and ranching activities in the state.

The letter said: “Our office needs to confirm how your company uses this land and whether this use meets any of the statutory exceptions.”

The potato farm, at about $6,000 per acre, cost roughly half of what Gates reportedly spent on highly coveted soil closer to his home in Washington, which is just a portion of the vast holdings Gates and his ex-wife, Melinda French Gates, own from sea to shining sea.