Biden official says problems at border are ‘really not the issue’

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, an official of the Joe Biden presidency, was on Fox Business and said this about the lack of skilled workers question: “Everyone agrees on that and I think that – and that’s in partnership with businesses in America, to get people skilled up for what the needs of businesses are, and allow people to get into good paying jobs… But at the end of the day, and I’ve said this, I think the biggest threat to our economy is that we don’t have a good, strong immigration policy. We’re so focused, some people are so focused on the southern border, and that’s really not the issue. The issue of immigration is how do we make sure that companies and businesses have the opportunity to employ people? We’ve seen a lack of immigration in our country over the last five years and it’s something that has to be addressed and hopefully the next Congress will take a good- have a good conversation and address that issue…”

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