AOC justifies using a gas stove after supporting Hochul proposal

Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez justified using a gas stove after she was mocked for supporting Gov. Hochul’s proposal to focus more on using electricity instead of gas, sparking a “keep your hands off my gas stove” rebellion on social media. Hochul’s proposal to end the use of gas sparked all sorts of craziness on Twitter and Facebook, but AOC defended the proposals and was mocked right after. She uses a gas stove herself and is now backtracking to justify it because she “rents” where she lives.

AOC said: “First of all, I rent, period. Second of all, it doesn’t even matter. Because, by that logic, these are the same people who would have said we should have never gotten rid of leaded gasoline just because someone may have driven a gasoline car.”

So what is going on with Hochul’s gas proposal? Democrat Gov., Kathy Hochul, urged residents to replace their gas stoves with electric ones and her anti-gas kitchen proposal stirred outrage among the citizens of New York. Hochul is thought to secretly slip a proposal to restrict gas stoves and urge people into the so-called New York Housing compact. Without being explicit, Hochul’s statement implied that the sale of any modern fossil fuel-powered heating systems by 2030 would be the end of gas cooking.

It should be noted that gas stoves are not yet banned, but back in 2021 they put a kibosh on gas powered kitchens in new construction under seven stories tall. In 2021, New York City became the largest city in the United States to ban gas connections for new buildings. Starting in 2023, newly constructed buildings under seven stories will not be allowed to use gas for cooking or space heating, and beginning in 2027 this will also apply to taller buildings.

Hochul’s plan could ban gas stoves, oil furnaces, and hot water heaters by the end of this decade. The ban would have a massive effect on everyone who doesn’t want to drop their cast-iron pans on some electric coil that seriously does not cook better than gas because those are notoriously hard to use on electric stoves.

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