Another video shows how California is out of control

This video is so wild that I couldn’t even think of a proper title for it. We have a guy dressed in military gear who may have crashed a car into a fire hydrant in the middle of the day, then he’s running away from the scene of the crime while holding a laptop. I don’t know what else to say, but California is completely out of control. They’ve got people walking into stores and stealing things, just walking right out like there’s no punishment for it and no laws. They’ve got a huge problem with people defecating anywhere they want. Crime, filth, and Hollywood – that’s what California is to me.

Where is Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi when you need them? Where is Greasy Gavin and his hair gel? Do any of these politicians actually have any idea how bad their state is? Oh, wait, get this – California lawmakers want to ban K9 dogs now because they imply the dogs are rooted in racism. How about this – no, the dogs are just going after criminals like they’re supposed to and the dogs don’t care what color you are. If the dogs are told to chase, they’ll chase. It’s not racism. How about instead of crying racism, you actually let the cops do their jobs. If someone doesn’t want to get bitten by a K9 dog, then don’t break the law. Ever hear of that? It’s common sense and pretty simple, but I know Democrats are lawless and don’t care about crime.

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