Another video released

This video is the second one released that is connected to the alleged incident that took place in October at the residence of a popular Democrat politician. The video shows the man breaking into the home using an object in his hand. The other video that was released showed the same man standing inside the residence with the Democrat politician’s man and the authorities there. The man who broke in used the same object to strike the other man and the law got involved, cuffing the suspect and eventually charging him after what happened.

CBS News reported on the original video that was also released earlier today, saying: “It was released after San Francisco Superior Court Judge Stephen M. Murphy ruled there was no reason to keep the footage secret, especially after prosecutors played it in open court during a preliminary hearing last month.”

If you know who we’re talking about, then that’s great. We didn’t put any names on this video description because it seemed like it was being suppressed from reaching all of the audience we wanted to see it. This video does not contain anything that would warrant being not seen, while the other video was slightly unsettling to say the least. Either way, you can search our site for the other video if you’d like to see that one too.

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