Americans want KJP ‘fact checked’ after claim about House Republicans

Americans want White House press secretary KJP fact checked after her claim that the House Republicans are trying to increase costs for the middle class and particularly KJP’s claim about gas prices. KJP said: “As many of you are tracking this week, House Republicans will vote to raise gas prices on American families. The contrast in priorities could not be more stark, but the president spent the last two years, as you know, doing everything he could to lower gas prices for American families. And prices are down about $1.60 a gallon since last summer. Now, House Republicans are using their narrow majority to force the American people to pay higher gas prices, just as big oil companies are amassing record profits …So while oil prices have decreased by about 20% since their June peak, as I was just talking about earlier, prices at the pump have only fallen about 10% over the same period. So that means profits are up way above average. Refiners’ profit margins per gallon of gas are averaging about 90 cents last week, roughly double what’s typical for this time of the year…”

Where are the fact checkers on this one? Numerous people on social media have asked if the independent fact checkers could check KJP’s statements and see what’s true or not. Don’t fact check us though, fact check her and let us know so we can make corrections as needed 🙂

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