‘America-Hating’ Nadler opposes Pledge of Allegiance before Judiciary Committee meetings

Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler opposed saying the Pledge of Allegiance before Judiciary Committee meetings. He suggests it was already said once and there’s no need to say it twice to show how patriotic people are. He was mocked on social media as being “America-hating” and people went OFF on him. Matt Gaetz presented the idea and Nadler shot it down immediately.

“Standing for the American flag isn’t controversial,” Gaetz told the Daily Caller. “Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance isn’t a waste of time. Democrats are so outraged at the idea of a daily dose of patriotism that they spent 30 minutes ranting and raving in opposition.” He continued, “Congress cannot expect the American people to believe they are fighting for their values when they don’t even care to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.”

It seems like Jerry Nadler is not very popular with Republicans right now because people are absolutely torching him on social media. They are saying all sorts of horrible things you’d expect to see in a comment section ever since Nadler rejected the Pledge of Allegiance. What would you do? If the Pledge of Allegiance was already said that day, would it need to be said again before a Judiciary Committee meeting? I’ll let YOU decide in the comment section below!

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