Adam Schiff sulks on video after getting booted from House Intelligence Committee

Democrat Adam Schiff ran straight to TikTok so he could post a sulking video crying about how he got kicked off the House Intelligence Committee by Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy. He immediately got called out for using an app made by China and people said that alone is a reason he shouldn’t be part of any committee. It also sparked a debate about if politicians should use TikTok or not. I have a brilliant idea, how about politicians use social media for official announcements only and not any of their pandering, crying, or other things that are NOT them getting things done for Americans. No wonder our government sucks, half of the people are sitting on social media when they should be working. Then when we need something done, they’re clueless and end up overspending money we don’t have. Our government sucks and most of them have no clue what’s going on or how to manage a budget. Specifically speaking, that’s most Democrats and a bunch of RINO Republicans. Some of them have a clue, but their actions are slowed by all the numb-nuts out there like pencil-neck Adam Schiff.

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