Conservative actor James Woods is letting President Joe Biden have a piece of his mind over a very important issue that is detrimental to the country’s security and, many have argued, is costing thousands of American lives.

Since Biden took office, he has torn up or reversed most, if not all, of former President Donald Trump’s border security and immigration enforcement policies. Trump campaigned on ensuring that he would take illegal immigration seriously, punish or send back illegal border jumpers, and take on the deadly drug-smuggling cartels. For his part, Biden hasn’t done any of that, and in fact, his policies have led to the longest string of months with record numbers of illegal crossings practically in the history of the country. Drug overdose deaths — mostly from fentanyl — are also at all-time highs, killing more Americans annually than many other causes of death. And worst of all, there are zero signs Biden is set to reverse course and order his DHS to secure the border.

All of this has led to a response from Woods, who lambasted Biden on Twitter after Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, who has been covering the border invasion for more than a year, posted a video with the caption: “A huge migrant caravan of over 1,000 people crossed illegally into El Paso, TX last night, making it the largest single group we have ever seen. The city of El Paso reports Border Patrol now has over 5,000 in custody & has released hundreds to city streets.”

Woods said: “Democrats are allowing the destruction of our Republic by an unfettered invasion of our non-existent southern border. Shame on this president, and shame on any American who voted for this and now turns a blind eye. The open border policy of the Biden administration is rotting our Republic from within. With the unceasing invasion, witnessed yet ignored daily, comes the drug plague and its unadulterated horrors. Shame on this president and his cackling ‘drug czar’ VP,” the latter a reference to Vice President Kamala Harris.

Matthew Kolken, an immigration lawyer, added in response to Woods: “As a deportation lawyer with 25 years years experience I can attest that there is virtually no enforcement of the immigration law in the interior of the country, which has created an irresistible magnet.”

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