A prosecutor’s Nightmare: wacky juror interviews may be great news for Trump lawsuit

On Wednesday morning, Emily Kohrs, the Foreperson Juror in the Trump Georgia Grand Jury, made several media appearances and demonstrated clear bias against former President Trump. This could potentially exonerate him from any charges if he is indicted, as legal experts believe that Kohrs’ interviews are a “prosecutor’s nightmare.”

“Did you personally want to hear from the former President?” asked the MSNBC host.

“I wanted to hear from the former President, but honestly, I kind of wanted to subpoena the former President because I got to swear everybody in, so I thought it would be really cool to get 60 seconds with President Trump, of me looking at him and being like ‘do you solemnly swear’ and me getting to swear him in, I just feel like that would have been an awesome moment,” Kohrs said, smiling in a giddy fashion the entire time. Following her interview, several observers opined that she has blown any chance the grand jury may have had to indict Trump, including far-left CNN.She also did another interview in which she made similar bizarre statements and facial expressions, even going so far as to hint that there will be a great many indictments.

“I guarantee you prosecutors are wincing… It’s a prosecutor’s nightmare,” one legal expert told CNN.

She told CNN that she “will be sad” if Trump isn’t charged.

“I would be sad if nothing happens. That’s about my only request there is for something to happen. I don’t necessarily know what it is, I’m no legal expert, I’m not the judge, I’m not the lawyers but I would be frustrated if nothing happens. This was too much information, too much of my time, too much of everyone’s time, too much of their time, too much arguing in court about getting to appear before us. There was just too much to just be ‘okay we’re good, bye,’” said Korhs.


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