A 12-year-old boy spent over $11,000 on Christmas gifts for children he had never met before. Before the gifting, a boy named Jonathan Werner had to earn money, and he did that by selling Boy Scout popcorn. He was so successful that he managed to collect over $56K selling popcorn.


He spoke with a media outlet and discovered that he repeated the selling pattern on multiple occasions. On this particular day, Werner had set up a portable table near a store entrance, taken his popcorn and chocolate pretzels out of his bags, and arranged them on the table. When he was done arranging the goods, he spoke to the crowd. The boy behaved like an experienced salesman while he was saying his name and the name of his Scout team, reported Kare.

He stayed put, greeting every person who happened to pass by his table and wishing them a great day. Of course, many people weren’t interested in what the boy was selling, but nevertheless, the Scout wasn’t offended. He explained that every No got him one step closer to a Yes.

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The first person who bought two bags of candy was Josh Mabry, who used to be a Boy Scout too. He bought one bag for himself and the other one for his wife. He paid $45, and that first sale encouraged Jonathan to stay in his seat and continue selling.

The boy’s mom, Serena Kolk, said that the boy has always been passionate about selling. She explained that this was not the first time the boy had stayed in the store from the opening hours to the closing time.

Soon enough, another man, Trista Paulson, approaches Jonathan, but he says that he doesn’t have any cash on him. In a heartbeat, the boy replied that he takes credit cards. Paulson laughed after the purchase and explained that the boy was so persuasive that he had no other choice but buy the sweets.

The boy’s mom said that her son got job offers all the time, adding that it is funny because he is still just a little boy. She explained that he sells Boy Scout popcorn door-to-door and in stores all over Pine, Kanabec, Isanti, Mille Lacs, Hennepin, Naoka, and Sherburne. Mom backed up her claims with a picture in her phone that shows pallets of popcorn in a driveway.

Jonathan earned over $46K last year. Jonathan buys Christmas presents for children residing in a domestic violence shelter as well as for every foster kid in four counties and a portion of a fifth using the money made from selling popcorn. Jonathan’s fellow scouts handle the tables with present wrap, tape, and scissors.

When asked why he does that, Jonathan noted that his dad was in foster care a long time ago and that he knows that such children don’t get a lot for Christmas. He raised money and bought the toys because he wanted to make people happy during the holidays. Simply put, this whole concept makes the boy happy.

A boy with a heart of gold.