by Frank

September 10, 2021

This is the most scumbag thing I have seen all week besides Nancy Pelosi having George Soros come over her house.

This mom is apparently a YouTuber and she accidentally uploaded the unedited video that shows her asking her son to pretend like he’s crying, literally faking it. But then there’s a twist, her son is actually crying and she basically exploits her own damn son just to get a picture for her fake YouTube video.

I have no idea what her account is, but it’s probably terrible just like this video is.



This is a world class scumbag in action. How can you make your kid do this. I know this ain’t much compared to what the Taliban does to children, like marrying 12-year-olds, but this is just pure stupidity on the mom’s account.

If you’re making a genuine video, that’s fine, but this is obviously her making a FAKE video to look genuine and all so she can get a few extra views.

Look lady, you’re story is out now. You’re a fraud and you’re probably going to lose a few followers over this after your “fans” see how you are in real life.

For all the people making YouTube videos, don’t be like this woman.

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