by Frank

July 15, 2021

Senator Ted Cruz unleashed on a Joe Biden judicial nominee in regards to voter ID laws and kept putting Myrna Perez on the spot, at one point saying “you’re not answering my question” in what became a heated session.

It took place during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing where Myrna Perez was answering questions about her past statements, and in particular, her views on voter ID laws.

Perez is a nominee for the United States Circuit Judge, Second Circuit – but will she get through this badgering by the Texas Republican Senator?

Ted Cruz does what he does best, putting Perez on the spot asking her about previous statements she made JUST A FEW MONTHS AGO and if she still stands by her comments or retracts it.

She keeps saying “senator…. senator… senator…” and won’t just say yes or no if she stands by her statements or she retracts them.

Perez answers his question without actually answering his question. Perez refuses to say if she stands by it or retracts it.


It’s a simple question and it seems like every time a Democrat is pressed with a question they don’t want to answer, then simply answer it with a different answer that doesn’t even answer the question.

Perez is just babbling at this point and she refuses to answer the simple questions with simple answers.

It must be a skill they teach Democrats – you know, to answer the question with an answer that doesn’t really give the question asker the answer.

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Sounds like nonsense, right?

This woman has no business being a judge or in any judicial setting or any high paid political or government job. I wouldn’t even want Perez working as a secretary in a grade school. She is just ridiculous and annoying.

Anyway, here’s what nonsense sounds like. Just watch the video:




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