by Frank

September 8, 2021

You have to be a terrible person to laugh at this kid when he says how his grandmother died.

He’s talking to the board of education in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and basically explains that he supports masks because he doesn’t want to bring Covid home to his family, especially his grandparents who are clearly at a much higher risk than most younger people.

He says that his other grandmother passed away from Covid, and she was a teacher at one of the schools. That’s when the two hens behind him start laughing. The one lady is slapping her jaws on some gum and we can’t see the other too well, but they’re both laughing at him and it’s despicable. You don’t laugh when someone says their grandparent passed away – no matter what the reason is.

These ladies probably sit home on their phone all day while the man goes to work. Now they’re at a school board meeting trying to act special and feel like they’re important to the community, but they’re really just lowlife idiots.




Come on, folks this is stupid. It doesn’t matter if you support the mask or hate the mask, you don’t show up to a school board meeting acting like you’re so cool, chewing gum like a fat cow, and then laughing at a student who expresses a moment of grief for his grandparent.

We are LUCKY to have grandparents and anyone who was able to spend time with theirs knows that’s a great thing for most people, unless their grandparent was just some creepy old guy who sniffs hair, like Joe Biden.

Can these two useless ladies have some damn respect for his fallen grandma or what?

Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

They are just embarrassing themselves and their kids at this point.

And here’s what I think about masks.

You ever see those sneeze videos in slow motion? Well, your sneeze goes pretty darn far. So if you are asymptomatic and sneeze – you’re pretty much sending that pretty darn far. That’s kinda where the mask helps retain the droplets closer to yourself and reduces the spread. They don’t protect you per se, but more so the person next to you in the store when you sneeze or cough – and you know those sneezes come outta nowhere sometimes.

Literally no one likes the masks, but maybe if we did things right the first time, then we wouldn’t be dealing with it now.

We have gone full stupid and turned safety into a political decision.

Turn off your news station. Turn off social media. Call your doctor and ask them directly: what should I be doing with this and how can I stay safe – then follow their directions.

The mainstream media sucks and they do everything for ratings, even lie and make things up out of thin air because they DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU, THE MEDIA JUST WANTS YOUR RATINGS.

You trust your doctor, don’t you?

Call them, trust them, no one else.

And never, ever act like the two ladies in the video. They are probably terrible in bed and make their kids have the worst curfews.

I miss my late grandparents and only have two left, so this was not cool to me.




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