by Frank

July 20, 2021

NYPD Crime Stoppers needs your help.

A male suspect grabbed a child, threw them in a car, and attempted to drive off – but the woman who was with the child was thinking fast and acted even faster.

As soon as the man grabs the child, the woman rushes into action and grabs the kid back out of the suspect’s vehicle. The man’s attempted kidnapping failed and he drives off.

Meanwhile, the whole thing is caught on camera and NYPD Crime Stoppers released the footage.

WATCH it happen:


NYPD Crime Stoppers wrote on Twitter: “WANTED for ATT. KIDNAPPING: On Thurs, 7/15, at 8PM, in front of 117-02 Hillside Av in #Queens, the two perps (pictured) picked up & placed a 5 y/o victim in the back of their car. The victim’s mother retrieved her child through the window and the perp’s fled in the vehicle.

The NYPD offered a cash reward in hopes to find the suspect.

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They later updated again, saying that the suspect had been arrested and charged.

There’s always the possibility that the man might have been family and part of a parental or custody dispute, but even if that’s the case, stealing your own child and possibly traumatizing them isn’t exactly the answer.

Or, the man could have been completely unrelated and just another criminal making a bad decision.

Either way, hope the child and family is safe.

What is the craziest crime you have ever seen happen in person?

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