by Frank

December 18, 2020

I don’t know what she was thinking, but the way she used her mask must be stinking. This woman is walking her dog when the pup stops to take a bathroom break. The woman doesn’t have a doggy bag or anything to pick up the poo, so guess what she does.

If you guessed walk away and leave it in the grass like a normal human being, then you are incorrect!

If you guess that this woman used her mask to pick up the stinky nugget and put it in the trashcan, and then put the mask BACK ON, then you are correct and probably grossed out.

One look at this video and I wanted to vomit at the the thought of a warm stinky mask on my face after little buddy the dog looks up thinking “that was a good one.”

Watch the video for yourself and let me know your reaction in the comments below!




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