by Frank

September 8, 2021

When will people start minding their own business?

Here’s a woman who appears to have been shopping with no mask on. I’m not sure what the store policy is, but it sounds like some random liberal lady confronted her about it, but the woman didn’t care at all.

The maskless lady stood her ground and yapped back at the person who wouldn’t mind their own business.



So there’s three things about this video.


1) if the store policy is to wear the mask, then just wear it. Why? Because we don’t need to put store employees in an awkward position to where they feel like they have to say something to us or risk losing their job. It’s not fair to them, so go by the store policy and just be respectful – that’s not hard to do and it makes us a better person and avoids a senseless conflict. We’re only in the store for a few minutes, so who really cares. It’s nothing.

2) if there is NO store policy and you wear a mask, but you see someone without one – then mind your darn business and keep your mouth shut. No store policy = they don’t need to wear it if they don’t want to and if you try pushing it on them, that’s a violation of their space and you look like an annoying whiny liberal and you probably have no friends who actually like you. Stay in your lane, mind your business, and shut up.

3) if there is a store policy to wear one, and you purposely don’t because you think you’re cool and you want someone to call you out – then you’re actually not cool and you’re a giant clown and you have even less friends than the Karen in #2. Don’t be a dick on purpose and try to act cool because it’s never cool and you never look like a winner – ever.

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