by Frank

July 26, 2020

Players from two WNBA teams walked off the court as the national anthem was played. It was players from the NY Liberty and Seattle Storm who were seen on video walking off the floor and towards the locker rooms or some other area that was off the camera.

Watch the video below to see the players leaving the court for the national anthem, in a blatant display of social justice influenced disrespect.

This is all part of the social justice movement where athletes are doing silly things trying to make a point, but forgetting that people don’t want their sports interrupted by social justice or politics.

When it comes to women’s basketball, it’s a sport that pretty much no one cares about. These ladies are used to playing in empty arenas anyway, so if less people show up to their games, they probably won’t even notice.

It’s one of those sports that is just so bad, that it may as well be canceled.


For the sake of all sports on the planet, if women’s basketball was canceled, either no one would notice, or everyone would cheer that it’s finally over. It’s a sport that no one takes seriously.

If the girls in this video below have any hopes of playing professional basketball, then the WNBA might be waiting for them.

This is why no one cares about women’s basketball at Trending Views

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