by Frank

July 21, 2021

Don’t shoot they yelled, but it fell on deaf ears as one police officer ripped a shot at a protester from up close, striking them with a non-lethal rubber bullet.

Dozens were arrested amid a protest that took place in Los Angeles while protesters were fighting for women’s right to have a female only section in a Koreatown spa after a biological male entered a women’s area and someone allegedly saw his exposed member.

The anti-trans protesters were demanding that the spa give women their own private area that is for biological women only, in order to keep the biological males out of their space.

This was reported on The Guardian and they labeled the protesters as “anti-trans” but the protesters could easily be defined as “pro-women” – it’s all how you spin it in the media and we’re all guilty of it except for CSPAN.

It’s fine that media outlets spin stories in a political direction, because that’s how they appeal to their audience. I do it too, but it’s one of those things we should all be aware of no matter what side of the political spectrum we’re on.


Here’s how The Guardian ran their story:

Saturday marked the second weekend of violent protests this month in the streets around Wi Spa, a neighborhood business that has found itself at the heart of a right-wing media storm over an alleged incident in which a customer filmed herself complaining about a trans woman in the women’s area of the spa.

The far-right protesters called for a boycott of Wi Spa and chanted baseless claims about paedophilia, as women carrying signs reading “protect female spaces” and “It’s worse in women’s shelters” marched alongside men wearing helmets and masks that covered their faces.

Calls to defend “female spaces” and “women’s shelters” have become rallying cries of anti-trans groups, who have falsely suggested that trans-inclusive policies endanger cis women. California has for years had laws in place that allow trans people to use facilities that match their gender.

I don’t think this is about being anti-trans, this is about being pro-women and keeping a space designed for women – FOR WOMEN. A trans-woman is not a biological woman, it’s a man who is essentially dressed up like a woman and acting like a woman, but is still by technical means – a male, especially if there’s something dangling between the knees and no uterus.

On top of that, California is a messed up place – we should all know that by now.

Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

They have some of the most bizarre and bass ackwards laws and policies you can imagine. It makes sense why people are moving out, because they simply can’t tolerate the stupidity of their governmental leaders.

While they’re banning plastic straws and putting men in the women’s bathroom, there’s bums defecating all over neighborhoods and a staggering homelessness problem.

You’d think that would be a bigger priority than anything.

The poo problem is so bad that someone made an app for it years ago, that would show you all the places people were dropping a deuce in the streets.

It’s nasty in California and their leaders clearly lack common sense and morals.

It’s like they literally don’t value any humans.

And even worse, when Gavin Newsom makes a rule, you can bet he’ll be breaking it days later.

He’s one of those “rules for thee, but not for me” kinda fellows.

When it comes to the spa, I think it’s a respect thing that if you’re a biological male, that you stay out of the women’s rooms. Leave women alone for once.

Can’t women have anything of their own anymore? They get the Real Housewives shows and what else? Biological males keep taking everything away from women, even being a woman. And now there’s a biological male on the swimsuit cover of Sports Illustrated? Oh wow, and this guy has a jawline that most male wrestlers would be jealous of. And thinking back, I literally broke into a car as a teenager to steal that issue. Glad I stopped reading Sports Illustrated years ago when they had real women on the cover. Call me a pig all you want, but I like hot women and if that’s a problem for anyone, well then I can’t help you.

Also, circling back to that video of the cops vs the Antifa protester at the top – well, that looked like it hurt. SHEESH!




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