by Frank

August 10, 2020

2020 has been one of the weirdest, dumbest, and craziest years we have ever seen. It’s even worse than the year everyone was offended by everything and we handed out participation trophies like cheap candy on Halloween. That year was easy compared to this.

But hey, 2020 ain’t done and it just dropped this gem on us. A wild boar stole the laptop of a nudist in Germany, and the nudist, who looks to be bit older and doesn’t go easy on the appetizers at dinner, went running, flopping his you know what in the wind, and chasing the wild boar who’s clearly a thief.

Meanwhile, the wild boar is off to secure his WiFi connection and check email. Maybe boot up one of those old AOL CD’s and jump in a chatroom for other wild boars. Or maybe the boar will sell it on the black market. Nah, the guy got his laptop back.

But seriously folks, why does this nekked man have a laptop with him anyway? What is HE doing out there in the wilderness with his laptop and no clothes? I’m done asking questions about the weirdness of this.

Oh, and don’t let me forget – the wild boar brought the kids to the scene of the crime. Now we need to have a talk about boars bad parenting skills. You really shouldn’t bring your kids to a crime.

From Fox 5 NY:


A German nudist had the last laugh after giving chase to a wild boar that had run off with a bag containing his laptop.

Pictures posted on social media show the naked man running after a sow and her two piglets to the mirth of fellow bathers at Berlin’s Teufelssee, or Devil’s Lake.

Adele Landauer, an actor and coach who says she took the pictures, wrote that the man “gave his all.”

German daily Bild reported Friday that the man, who wasn’t identified, succeeded in recovering his pilfered laptop.

Landauer said she showed the man the pictures later on and “he laughed loudly and authorized me to publish them.”

Wild boars are common in the forests around Berlin and can occasionally be seen venturing through city parks in search of food.




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