by Frank

September 12, 2021

I don’t think she got the job.

This video shows an angry wife storm into a job interview and beat up her own sister who allegedly slept with her husband.

Some people say the angry wife beating up her own sister shows the moral decline of our country, but those people are wrong.

The moral decline in our country is a woman sleeping with her own sister’s husband – now that’s some dirty dirty nonsense we’re talking about here. If that woman beats her up for it, can you really blame her? She should beat up the husband right after serving divorce papers. No offense folks, but I think we’re at the stage in our lives where some people really need a smack in the mouth.



DANG! She just ran up in there and dropped some hammers on her sister. Well, ya know, her sister shouldn’t be sleeping with her husband! That’s more messed up than anything. And the husband is a dirt-bag too. How dare ya sleep with your wife’s sister, bro. Are you an idiot or just an idiot? Which one is it, there’s no other option for an answer.

So anyway, do you think she got the job?

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