Who is Robert Crimo III, the Highland Park shooter? Video takes disturbing look at suspect

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Robert Crimo III, 21, is accused of opening fire from a rooftop on the crowded Independence Day parade. Chicago Tribune reported: “The arrest of Robert “Bobby” Crimo III came about eight hours after the mass shooting, which stunned the Chicago area and country as it celebrated the Fourth of July. Late in the afternoon on Monday, Highland Park police Chief Lou Jogmen had identified Crimo as the person of interest, saying he was believed to be driving a 2010 silver Honda Fit. Crimo was spotted by North Chicago police near U.S. Highway 41 and Buckley Road. The officer tried to stop Crimo, but he briefly fled before being stopped, Jogmen said.

More than 100 law enforcement agencies had helped throughout the day to search for the suspect after he opened fire from a rooftop along the parade route. The police dragnet had started with a perimeter around the core of Highland Park, gradually spreading to include police activity in nearby neighborhoods and finally other suburbs. Crimo was described as a longtime resident of the suburb who posted online videos under the moniker “The Awake Rapper.” The archive of 17 YouTube videos apparently belonging to Crimo alternates between wholesome and foreboding. In one video, a teen who looks like Crimo happily skateboards and roughhouses with his pals. Another captures what appears to be a police-escorted government motorcade leaving an airport before a man who appears to be Crimo swivels the camera to his tattooed face.”