by Frank

September 3, 2021

Hurricane Ida destroyed New Orleans and thousands of people have no power, running water, gas, or food. CNN interviewed a woman who explains that she’s without resources, she’s a single mom with kids and she’s doing it all by herself.

She says it’s hard out there and wants to know where’s FEMA, where’s Joe Biden the president, and says “we need help now!” The woman says she’s also sleeping in the car with the kids and expresses how much help they need.

I’m not down there, so I can’t say where FEMA is or not, but there’s something posted on the NOLA website about FEMA offering some resources to people. She might not be aware of it because this is online and if she doesn’t have power, then she may not even have the ability to see these resources.

Joe Biden was set to arrive in Louisiana today and those details are below. Again, if she’s living in her car during the aftermath of the hurricane, it’s unlikely she knew Biden would be there. However, her story sounds like she’s unable to see anyone in the area helping, and maybe people didn’t get there yet. It’s somewhat unclear. Either way, we hope she gets the help she needs.

WATCH her desperate plea for help:

In regards to Joe Biden’s visit, here are some minor details about that:


Pres. Joe Biden will visit Louisiana Friday to see the aftermath of Hurricane Ida in the region.

He will fly into Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport around noon Friday, according to the schedule from the White House. During previous presidential visits, the interstate had rolling closures while the presidential motorcade was traveling, so drivers should plan for delays in the area.

There was also a statement on the White House website from yesterday.

Not defending Joe Biden in any way (I hope him, Kamala, and Nancy Pelosi all resign), just showing what information is out there to give a more clear and accurate account on what’s going on.

Now I want to provide an update on our efforts to help millions of Americans down South recover and rebuild from Hurricane Ida.

We’ve been monitoring hur- — this hurricane closely and the devastation it’s caused. To date, six deaths. About a million homes are without power in Louisiana and Mississippi.

While the catastrophic flooding wasn’t as severe as it was during Hurricane Katrina 16 years ago, Ida was so powerful that it caused the Mississippi River literally to change direction — the flow — change the flow temporarily.

The good news is that, as a result of a significant multi-billion-dollar federal investment in the levee system around metro New Orleans, it held. It was strong. It worked.

But too many people and too many areas are still unprotected and saw a storm surge and flooding that was devastating.

We’ve seen reports of winds up to 170 miles per hour — it’s not been confirmed yet by FEMA, but 170 miles an hour — causing unimaginable damage, with debris and downed powerlines making roads impassable and slowing response efforts to save folks and property. You know, the people continue to shelter in place.

Tomorrow, I’ll be traveling to Louisiana to meet with Governor John Bel Edwards, as well as the parish presidents and mayors and the local officials representing the affected areas.


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