What really happened on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island?

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Video shows some of the horrors that happened on Epstein Island. A federal judge has ordered the release of documents linked to Jeffrey Epstein and the findings are horrendous.


Prince Andrew stated that the agreement bars any civil lawsuit, and Alan Dershowitz shares his opinion. Andrew is accused of sexually assaulting Guiffre three times, including once in Epstein’s New York City mansion, according to Guiffre’s lawsuit. Andrew claims to have nothing to do with the allegations. The matter will be heard in federal court on January 4, one day following the public revelation of the settlement.


According to Law and Crime, judges presiding over Dershowitz’s and Andrew’s case lawsuit with Giuffre ordered the agreement to be released on January 3, 2022. In a memo, Prince Andrew’s lawyer, Andrew Brettler, expressed his thoughts on the subject. He asserted that Giuffre’s consent to drop her previously dismissed battery action against Professor Dershowitz earlier this year was based on the same arrangement. Law and Crime underline that Ghislaine Maxwell tried but failed to utilize the settlement agreement to stop her federal indictment.


Maxwell was found guilty on five of the six charges against her relating to Jeffrey Epstein. It remains unclear if she will start naming names, because as of now she has not (that we are aware of).


Adam Klasfeld posted: “Blink, and you may have missed the big news that came down shortly before the Ghislaine Maxwell verdict—in the same courthouse. “Federal Judges Order Release of Jeffrey Epstein Civil Settlement at Issue in Lawsuit Against Prince Andrew.”