What happened in the first 48 hours: KJP walks away as reporter demands answer

A White House correspondent, Diana Glebova, from Daily Caller posted this on Twitter today: “Press agitated after KJP ignores many reporters trying to ask about Biden’s documents. I yell: “What happened in the first 48 hours?” KJP said Biden’s lawyers “immediately” turned over the docs, but there was a 48 hour window from Nov 2 to Nov 4 before they were turned over.”

We previously reported on Joe Biden’s classified documents being discovered in numerous locations. President Joe Biden faces more scrutiny as another batch of classified documents were discovered in a Delaware home owned by Biden. The White House Counsel’s Office was on the hunt for more classified documents and searched both of Biden’s homes in Delaware – one in Rehoboth at the beach, and another in Wilmington. This all comes after the first sets of classified documents were found in Biden’s old office that he used during his time as vice president to former President Barack Obama. Escalating the situation to a further degree was Attorney General Merrick Garland who named Robert Hur as Special Counsel for investigating the classified documents linked to Joe Biden.

It has gotten so out of hand that a Democrat Rep. is now suggesting that classified documents were planted to take down Joe Biden. But by who? Biden aides discovered some of the documents, so that would imply Democrats want Biden out of the picture for 2024 – or even for now.

If the GOP planted the classified documents, then how did they get them? If you want my opinion, I think Biden had the documents in the past and now he’s simply being outed for being irresponsible. Maybe Biden forgot about them. Either way, we will wait to see what happens next with Merrick Garland setting someone to investigate it.

But who’s side is Hur on?

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