by Frank

July 16, 2021

If there’s one thing we learned, it’s that Randi Weingarten is not good at the Twitter.

Weingarten, leader of the American Federation of Teachers union (a worthless national union that local unions really don’t need), and she tried miserably to make a point targeting Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis – and she failed.

What happened? Well, Ron DeSantis was pointed out by an article in Washington Post for selling “Don’t Fauci My Florida” shirts as numbers went up. Certainly not a great time to sell the shirt, but the point is much deeper in regards to Fauci and nothing more than an attempt at humor amid Fauci’s rise to fame and shame.

Weingarten, who clearly can’t take a joke, tried to shame Ron DeSantis when she posted: “Disgusting. Millions of Floridians are going to die for Ron DeSantis’ ignorance and he’s choosing to profit from it. He doesn’t care about Floridians; he cares about furthering his own cruel agenda.

It was then, that Randi might have known she messed up. The comments came rolling in from people of all sorts on Twitter – from people with blue checks to people with huge amounts of followers – and even small time guys like me with 85 massive followers!

After Randi Weingarten got roasted like a marshmallow, she issued a partial borderline phony apology on Twitter. Weingarten drooled all over Fauci and said: “You are all probably right… I shouldn’t have said millions.. I should have just said DeSantis was wrong to do this.. Fauci is an amazing public servant. He shoudn’t be mocked. But I shouldn’t engage in that kind of hyperbole either. My bad…


Ironically, the leader of a teacher’s union spelled “shouldn’t” wrong and didn’t even think to delete the post and repost it.

This is the person leading a national teacher union and I can’t stop laughing at her.

While Ron DeSantis is sending help to Texas to fix the border disaster, people like Randi Weingarten are milking Fauci’s teets on Twitter and really not doing much to better the country.

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Now that you see how much more value Ron DeSantis has for America, let’s take a good long laugh at Randi and her ridiculous attack on the GOP governor of Florida:




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