Bride and Groom light themselves on fire in most LIT wedding stunt on video

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Here’s something you didn’t expect to see today. A bride and groom tried to find the most LIT way to celebrate their wedding, so they literally light themselves on fire and it was all captured on video.

And trust me, you should NEVER try this at home or any wedding because it’s probably the most terrible idea you can think of, even if you’re a professional.

WATCH IT thanks to being posted on Instagram:

Russ Powell, who posted the video, tried to issue caution to anyone else who wanted to try some wild and wacky stunts. He said: “tese are trained professionals, don’t try this at home” and “our wedding send-off was accomplished with a team of professionals and should not be attempted without proper training and equipment.”

Ah yeah, don’t worry about me folks. I ain’t getting married any time soon, let alone showing up on fire. The only thing hot at my future wedding will be the wife and hot wings. BOOM!