WATCH: Kamala Harris butchers another speech, sounds like a broken record repeating same thing over and over

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Vice President Kamala Harris is on video butchering another speech so bad that she sounds like a broken record saying the same thing over and over. Kamala Harris said: “We will work together, and continue to work together, to address these issues…and to work together as we continue to work, operating from the new norms, rules, and agreements, that we will convene to work together…We will work on this together.”

WATCH Kamala Harris on video:

If that’s not one of the dumbest things Kamala Harris ever said, then what is? The list is so long that people can’t keep up with her horrible statements and ruined speeches anymore. It’s like this lady is barely literate and somehow became vice president.

Well, we all know why and how she became vice president, and it’s certainly not because of her amazing career, talent, or skills – of which we know she has very little skills in politics.

It’s a shame that America has become woke to the point that a bumbling old man selected a vice president based on her gender and skin color. It’s so bad that Jill Biden didn’t want Kamala Harris because Harris was saying terrible things about Joe Biden during the debates of the presidential election.

Come to think of it, did anyone want Joe Biden? I’m starting to question the validity of those 81 million votes because I have honestly never seen anyone wearing any Joe Biden hats or anything supporting the guy.

Where are the Joe Biden voters hiding?