by Frank

July 25, 2020

We already had a wall of moms show up to join protesters, but now we’ve got a wall of military veterans and some grandmas who’ve arrived and stood right on the front line of the protest. These military vets are seen standing in a row amid the protesters, but right up front in a symbolic gesture separating the protesters from the federal agents who might be there trying to get everything under control.

The same group of protesters has also cursed out Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler, even though he’s against having federal troops/officers in his city.

The protesters have been at it for 50+ days and counting.

There has been multiple times the protests were completely peaceful, but then other times it’s the quite opposite. For example, someone set a federal building on fire and multiples of protesters have been seen trying to storm the courthouse.

It’s unclear what any of this will do or if anything will actually change. Apparently the protesters are supporting Black Lives Matter and defunding the police, but the protesters seem to be mostly white liberals.


I’m not really sure what they’re protesting at this point, or if they’re doing anything that’s actually beneficial for their causes besides standing around outside or setting a desk on fire in a federal building.

There has to be a better way to solve this and come to a conclusion that gets people off the streets where they risk spreading the ‘rona.

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Photo credit: Law & Crime




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