by Frank

September 10, 2021

I don’t know how this guy handled this so calmly!

She’s chomping with her mouth open, cursing at the driver, and she dumps her drink on his seats. This is literally my worst nightmare because I would have slapped that food out of her hands and cussed her out so darn fast and probably lost my job over it.

But heck no, I would not be tolerating this level of uncivilized horse manure behavior. She is the worst of the worst treating that man so badly and trashing his car like that. Her entitled attitude wouldn’t make it one block in my car. Nope, I would tell her to GTFO!!!



And whoever that driver is, that man has the patience of a saint and he did everything right. He does not deserve this nonsense, that’s for sure.

Bless that man and his ability to stay calm when I would have been yelling at her at the top of my lungs and making her clean my darn car after she dumped a drink into the seats.

My goodness, she’s not very nice at all, and that’s an understatement.

Guess her parents failed when it was time to teach some manners.

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